I am booked through 1 November 2024.

Beginning 2025, commercial work for selfpub/indie authors start at $1500, and $2000 for a wraparound cover. I’m not available for personal commissions, and I’m comfortable with NSFW.

I understand that indie authors might not be able to afford these rates, so if you would really, really like work from me, please get in touch with your budget anyway! I’ve made exceptions before, especially if you’re BIPOC or if I already love your work!

Commercial work for companies, please contact me directly at elaine[at]

I do one thing only: full illustrations, which means fully rendered characters with backgrounds. I do not charge different prices over busts/half-body/full body/environment or not; I paint what suits the composition and mood best.

I take a minimum of two weeks to complete commissions, but a month is most ideal.

In my contracts, I usually stipulate a maximum of 3 changes at the sketch stage, and ask for permission to sell the finished illustration as prints after a 6 month period of exclusivity.

In return, you get full commercial rights. Credit is not enforced but deeply appreciated.

A sample copy of my freelance contract can be read here.

Thank you so much for considering me!

Contact me at elaine[at]