The Dark One

artofelaineho - The Dark One

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The journey to this one was a little more challenging. I had long discussions on whether this pose was in character for Rumplestiltskin or not. On the show, he seems to be more of a trickster than active mass murderer. He makes deals that benefits him and lets the magic do the rest.

But you get these little flashes – he killed all the men when they tried to take Baelfire away, killed Milah, killed the seer, and he’s still physically violent when he’s Mr. Gold. This was the guy that taught both Regina and Cora how to extract hearts from people. He’s a very malevolent character.

I always imagined that his state of existence has been intertwined with the souls of those he has killed. He loves the power that the dagger gives him, but he’s also slowly sinking into the darkness, until it consumes him completely.

Rumplestiltskin study

2014-08-30 Rumple study

I’ve been trying to move away from my tendency to over-render and attempting to capture the “essence” of the thing. I’ve been making a conscious attempt to simplify a lot of the shapes I’ve been drawing, and not bother so much with individual folds and textures. I used to be extremely engrossed in accuracy, where X fold had to be painted exactly like the model, but I’ve been trying to let go and… “fake it” is the closest phrase that I can find.

So it’s super loose, I wasn’t looking to replicate it exactly. Put the most effort on the face, and went loose from there, haha.

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