Elera and Naias

2015-12-10 Naias and Eleraweb2


Rounding out the year with some original art of my two darlings, Elera and Naias. These two were characters that I invented when I was a young child, and their stories have evolved and changed since then. These two are extremely dear to my heart, and I hope to tell their stories to the world some day.

I haven’t painted Elera since 2011, so it was nice to revisit the both of them together. Here are some of my old concepts of her and Naias. I feel like this time I have done them both justice. Both of them are a lot closer to what I always imagined them to be.

Naias revisited

One of my characters that I created when I was 14. Naias was the impulsive, headstrong fighter that charged into battle and didn’t give a crap with people questioning her decisions. Ultimately her decision making costs her dearly and she winds up losing both her arms in battle, but I never really quite illustrated her at that point. I’d love to someday.

Naias stuck around while I grew up, and since I didn’t actually start drawing until after college, her name was often my handle in MMOs (which was replaced by Elera, but that’s another story) and I would customize the character to make her look like what I envisioned in my head.

These below were paintings that I did of her… 4 years ago? It’ll be nice to revisit her again and see how I’ve progressed.