The tempest and the Fire

A work in progress.

Eris has a death wish. While her sisters flourish in the City, Eris seeks increasingly dangerous thrills to escape her stifling life. When her beloved father dies, her despair gives her the reason to flee the City for good.

Delving through a crack in the mountain, she discovers a dead forest of ash. Starving and exhausted, she slaughters a panther cub to survive, which unwittingly draws the wrath of the Beast – an immortal figure sealed away from the rest of the world. After rosebuds bloom from the cub’s blood, Eris discovers she has the power to wield magic. 

Agreeing to restore life to his dead land as penance for her actions, Eris learns how to control her magic under the Beast’s tutelage. His thirst for life and her wish to die sets them at odds, but the longer she stays, the more she realizes that there’s something about him that makes her feel alive. All is thrown into chaos when fulfilling her promise unravels into a tale of the Beast’s revenge: the City harbors a dark secret, and he intends to destroy it all.

With the Beast’s past laid bare before her, Eris knows his vengeance is justified. He deserves her help, but if she can’t find a balance, thousands of innocent lives will be lost – including her own sisters.

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Disney Women Series

Ten paintings of Disney’s iconic female characters.

In September, I went to Disneyland for a vacation. There’s a glut of marketing materials of Disney princesses in very delicate poses. You know, one leg is slightly bent inwards, the head is tilted, shiny skirts everywhere. They’re all removed from the context of their stories which gave them their personalities. To me they are reduced to bodies parading pretty dresses.

One goal was at the forefront of my mind when setting about painting this series: to capture Disney’s women in positions of power and strength. These were the women that I grew up and identified with.

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The sixth Equinox

A Hades/Persephone illustrated novel based on Receiver of Many by Rachel Alexander.

Persephone returns to Hades for the sixth time, both unsure and anxious of their feelings for each other. Journey through their six months of waiting before their reunification, bound to their roles through the will of the Fates, and face their temptations to throw the cosmos into chaos in order to return.

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