Now the power of Poseidon has been once again made whole
All the magic of the trident and the shell in my control
And now dark shall reign forever
Over ocean, sea and shoal…

After coming back from Disneyland, I asked my fiance who was second on his Disney women list. After a while, he responded with “Ursula”.

It’s interesting how in art we’re taught that “round = friendly”, Ursula breaks that rule (although to be more specific, her silhouette is round, but her interior shapes are sharp, which still makes her scary). She was never a comic character, but a full on villain from the beginning. To me, Ursula’s design is something that I enjoy studying.

Also: the only thing that stopped her from ruling the ocean was a voice, and once she had it, she won.

Ursula is the sixth female in my Disney Women Series.

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