He tilted his head. “A dance is a conversation with your partner, much like words you use for speaking every day. You can choose to use words to flatter, or to hurt, or to judge. Our bodies do the same. Your combat skills are very much like dance, is it not? A dance with your victim; a dance of death. Except ours celebrates life.”

She took his hand, and his cold skin pressed against hers. “Will you teach me?”

“Of course. You will forgive me for my rustiness, I hope, for I have not had a partner in a long time.”

More Tempest and the Fire art, my Beauty and the Beast retelling. Just wanted an excuse to paint a pretty dress for Eris, since she spends more time in uniform than a dress.

The discrepancy between the size of the Beast’s hands are purposeful. The right side of his body is deformed, while his left side is relatively normal… if you count blue gray skin as normal.

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