2016-03-16 Mulanshrunk - artofelaineho

2016-03-16 Mulancloseup - artofelaineho

“I know my place. It is time you learned yours.”

I always found it rather odd that Mulan’s merchandise always revolved around her in the matchmaker’s dress. She sang a whole song about not fitting into society’s expectations of her, and that dress was one such symbol. In an ironic twist, we use that dress to market her today because of what we expect young girls should buy into, despite the fact that Mulan’s character is the complete opposite of what that dress represents.

So here is Mulan, finding her place as a soldier, riding with Khan into battle.

Mulan is the fifth female in my Disney Women series.

(Also much thanks to my friend Archer for taking the time to find some Han Dynasty armor reference for me!)

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3 thoughts on “Mulan”

      1. Ah… such an illusion. So she is pulling the sword out from behind. I thought she is charging with a broken sword. lol

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