I finally got around to reading Receiver of Many a few weeks ago – a Hades/Persephone story by Kata Chthonia – and I was so addicted I finished the whole thing in two days. I loved it so much I had to paint it. Please take a look at the closeups! Persephone’s smile doesn’t show up very well on the full piece, and I’m fairly proud of the shadows on Aidoneus’ arm, haha.

I tried to keep elements that stood out to me, and the little things that made this story unique – Persephone twirls a lock of his hair, she wears a burgundy chiton, her sigil is the fires of Tartarus, while Aidon’s sigil is the darkness of the underworld. I wanted to play a little with the word “intertwined”, which was something I got a lot from the story; how both their destinies circled and converged to this point through choice and fate. You have her fire weaving through the tendrils of his darkness, and his hair curled around her finger.

She has a Kickstarter going on now to publish her book, so please take a look! It’s one of the best Hades/Persephone stories that I’ve ever read.

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