He tilted his head. “A dance is a conversation with your partner, much like words you use for speaking every day. You can choose to use words to flatter, or to hurt, or to judge. Our bodies do the same. Your combat skills are very much like dance, is it not? A dance with your victim; a dance of death. Except ours celebrates life.”

She took his hand, and his cold skin pressed against hers. “Will you teach me?”

“Of course. You will forgive me for my rustiness, I hope, for I have not had a partner in a long time.”

More Tempest and the Fire art, my Beauty and the Beast retelling. Just wanted an excuse to paint a pretty dress for Eris, since she spends more time in uniform than a dress.

The discrepancy between the size of the Beast’s hands are purposeful. The right side of his body is deformed, while his left side is relatively normal… if you count blue gray skin as normal.

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She was supposed to stand at attention – “eyes forward, rapt to all”, as her commander told her – but she approached a bench instead, leaned her halberd against the wall, and savored the brief window of silence. When her eyes were closed, she could just make out the green moss of the forest, the crack in the mountain, and the shadow that loomed in the distance.

More Tempest and the Fire art, my Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Playing with a lot of colors, and experimenting with a saturated blue as a shadow instead of making everything a shade darker of their original hue. An exaggeration of the sky light creating blue shadows, but I like the heightened contrast here. Hope you enjoy!

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More Tempest and the Fire art. Here are the three sisters in my BatB retelling – Victoria, Constance and Eris.

I had a blocked in costume concept for Victoria before I started this piece, but I realized that it wasn’t speaking to her personality enough. I’m absolutely happy with the revised design – Victoria rarely reveals her emotions, and it’s reflected in how she covers every part of herself up. Constance is softer with drapes and an off shoulder neckline.

It was a fun experiment in making Eris stand out in a piece where she’s not the first person your eye lands on. She’s my main character, but she was the youngest of the trio and I wanted to illustrate her rank among the three while making her unique at the same time. As a result, she’s the only person in the composition that is moving and the only one looking at you.

Hope you enjoy!

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